February 7th, 2010

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Yep, this is short, demo enjoy ne~


Chapter 10 )
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What? Shoon's rival???

Part 16

            I showed up at the jimusho the next day, to everyone’s delight.

            “Ne, Shingo-kun, Johnny-san wants you to be in Shokura again. He also said that you have to be on Ya-Ya-yah show regularly now.” someone informed me, “Oh, and you have to do a three-way otegami wo kakemashou with Hika-chan and Shoon-kun. That’s it for now”

            I froze, What? What’s a three-way otegami wo kakemashou? What’s that? I started to hate the jimusho again. Kame came up to me, “What’s up, Sayu-chan?” I looked back at him and didn’t reply.

            “She has to be on Shokura, be on the Ya-Ya-yah show regularly, and do a three-way otegami wo kakemashou with me and Hika-chan” Shoon explained. “She just got dumped with a ton of stuff she has to do, meaning…”


Part 16 )

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Haven't gotten to shokura yet xP
and Sayuko is having too much fun with her brother, lol. no progress


Part 17 )

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A lot of updates today, I know. I'm using this to procrastinate on doing math homework, which is bad cause I have a test on Tuesday. Oh well, I'll just study tomorrow... Anyway, enjoy~


Part 18 )


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