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Here's part 4, enjoy~
I call this part "Fate"

Reiko sighed. She looked into the mirror. Her red striped tie was fixed neatly in front of her chest. She wore a navy blue suit over her white blouse. A short blue plaid skirt was just above the tip of her fingers when they dangled at her sides. Her white knee socks were stretched to just under her knees, and her black loafers complete the outfit. She put her hair up halfway and parted her bangs. She wanted to look older on this special day.

Reiko stuffed her neatly-folded white vest, with a blue border, into her bag. The doorbell rang and Reiko ran downstairs to open the door.

"Ready? Yuusuke-kun asked.

Reiko took a deep breath and nodded. She put the strap around her head and left arm. Her right arm grabbed onto the strap that's now across her chest. With her left hand, she closed and locked the door. Yuusuke-kun saw that she was nervous; her hands were shaking.

After she had locked the door and put the key into her bag, Yuusuke-kun grabbed onto Reiko's free hand and smiled, "Daijoubu dayo"

Reiko nodded once again and walked to school with her friend.

Upon arriving at school, Reiko saw Inoo chatting with his new friends like usual. Perhaps she had been staring at him for too long. Inoo turned to look at Reiko and pretended he wasn't, "Yuusuke-kun! Osoku natta yo! Hurry, we're planning something for today"

"Fill me in later! I've got some stuff I need to go over with Reiko"

Inoo nodded. He understood, it was their presentation day.

Class started and Reiko was sitting quietly in her seat. She looked very nervous and kept wiping sweat off her hands onto her skirt.

"Next, we'll have Sakamoto-kun and Amakusa-san present"

Yuusuke-kun went up to Reiko and they walked up to the front of the classroom together. Yuusuke sqeezed Reiko's shaking hand, assuring her that it's going to be okay.

Yuusuke-kun inserted his portable drive into the computer and opened the video. At first, it showed Yuusuke-kun with this message: 

"For our presentation... we've changed the content quite a bit. I was just awoken ten minutes ago by a call from Reiko.. it's 12:10am on presentation day. I'll secretly film this... so that I can show this to the person who needs to see it. Please watch it til the very end" 

The camera moved to Reiko, who was looking down. Yuusuke-kun could be heard, "Reiko... just say it... they'll never know until you do..."

Reiko looked up, "yuusuke-kun... gomen... We both need our sleep, let's just go home..." 

"No Reiko... just say it" 

The Reiko in the video looked down again... then up, "Kouta-kun... Kei-chan... gomen. As much as I both of you... I mean, you guys are both my best friends..."

Yabu looked up at the video intently. He knew this was gonna be an important message. Inoo, however, was passing notes to his other friends.

There was a long pause in the video, the Yuusuke-kun said, "Just get to the point, Reiko"

"Kouta-kun... I love you, I really do. It's just that... I can only be your friend... Gomen nasai!" Reiko bowed in the video.

Yabu quietly asked the teacher if he could be excused and left when he got the approval.

Just then, Reiko's eyes started to well up with tears and she ran out of the classroom, "Reiko!" THe teacher just told Yuusuke-kun to leave her be.

The video continued, "Kei-chan... can you be with me forever?... I love you" Inoo stopped passing notes and his eyes were locked onto the screen, "I've liked you since we met... and that was a long time ago, since we were still kids... can you..." More pause. The atmosphere in the classroom was very tense and awkward.

The video ended with Yuusuke-kun sighing and muttering, "We'll just leave it at that..."

However, the file was still playing, the next clip, Reiko said, "Kei-chan, sorry I've been ignoring you all this time. Please forgive me!" 

Everyone looked at Inoo, and the teacher saved him from embarrassment by her usual "Class dismissed" words.

Reiko came back and went to her desk to collect her stuff. She avoided eye contact with everyone, including Yuusuke-kun. Suddenly, someone laid a firm hand on her shoulder and twirled her around. She was engulfed in a hug with whispered words of, "Rei, I've missed you. Would you be my girlfriend?" 

Reiko's eyes started to well up with tears again, but they never came out since she lost her hug and the words, "Never mind... I hate crybabies as my girlfriends"

Inoo was gonna walk away when he felt his wrist being grabbed, "Who said I was a crybaby?" Reiko finished packing her stuff, grabbed Inoo by the wrist and ran out of the classroom.

"Hey! I needa grab my stuff!"

"Yuusuke-kun will grab it for you!" Reiko ran on until she got to the nearby hill. She let go of Inoo's wrist and stared straight out toward the horizon. Inoo, already sat down on the grass, grabbed Reiko's arm and pulled her down into his crossed legs. Reiko looked back at him, but before she had time to react, Inoo leaned in with his eyes closed. Reiko closed her eyes as well and smiled the biggest smile she had ever smiled.

Okay, this is the end. Sorry about the late and short update, and hope you enjoyed it!~
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