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Title: A Misguided Love - Prologue
Author: swimmer_chen
Summary: Yamashita Shoon is known for his great acting. A girl, who’s an acting agency’s president’s daughter, found Shoon and wants him to act for her dad, so she lures him to her house. At the girl's house, Shoon, Yabu, Hikaru, Keito and Yuto found out the girl is the half-sister of the agency’s president’s triplet daughters, all of whom the president found again after 15 years. That day, the half-sister tells the boys of her suspicion that her sisters are not who they claim to be. They were even more alert of the situation when Taiyo pointed out something in the newspapers and saw an incident in a dark alleyway. In addition, Shoon’s closest cousin, Yamashita Mayuko, warns them of the triplets. Will the boys be able to prove to the world who the real triplet daughters are? And will they find love with the right people? What will happen with Shoon's acting career when people start finding wounds on his body?  
Disclaimer: i own only the plot

OCs: [livejournal.com profile] dychan15 [livejournal.com profile] jinkamenashi [livejournal.com profile] chinenmai [livejournal.com profile] aimix3 [livejournal.com profile] daintyxdoll 
[livejournal.com profile] angelika20 [livejournal.com profile] hyuuchiha_miki [livejournal.com profile] chiyakenyu [livejournal.com profile] aznbissh [livejournal.com profile] heisei_angel [livejournal.com profile] ayakanishi 

*Note* For the good triplets, your last names are changed to Ichinose. Also, you won't make your official appearance until a bit later

"Yamashita Shoon?" a voice said behind him as he was chugging down the last mouthfuls of water from the gallon-bottle. The sudden female voice made him spill all over himself.

"Dare, omae?" the boy asked, slightly irritated at his spill and getting busy with wiping his mouth dry with the back of his left hand.

"I'm Kusaragi Reina, the daughter of the president of the acting company Voice"

"What do you want?" Shoon asked, wondering how in the world she knew his name.

"I wanted to ask you whether you can consider acting for my father"

Shoon chatted with Reina a bit before he had to film again.

The next day, Shoon, along with Yabu, Hikaru, Keito, and Yuto walk over to Reina's house. The girl opened the door and pulled them in hastily before anyone could say anything. Reina closed the door and led the boys over to her room.

"I would like to introduce my father's company a bit. I know you might not know much about it..." She nodded at the others to acknowledge them, "He saw your acting and wants you to be in it."

After much persuasion, Shoon finally decided to try out and he went home with his friends to rest and get ready. Then Reina turned even more serious, "Do try out... but don't get too close to my triplet sisters... I suspect they're not who they claim to be.... my father wouldn't know cause they've just been reunited after 15 years"

The five boys turned the corner and saw two screaming girls running toward them. No matter where they ran, they kept chasing after them. They boys ran to a remote road where the two girls caught up to Yuto, "KYAAA, YUTO-KUN!" They grabbed onto Yuto's clothes, unintentionally digging their nails into his arm and making him unable to return home with his friends.

"My name is Kimura Aimi, I'm 14, can you give me your number?" the girl with long brown hair asked. She was wearing a light pink skirt with a white shirt. She was short, but her whiter skin and slender body makes her look taller.

"I'm Mai, 16 years old. Sign kudasai" The other girl asked. She had long black hair and puffy cheeks. She wasn't as girly as Aimi - a t-shirt and jeans that make her look taller also. She stuck a pen and book in his face, "Please sign" She shot her best puppy-face at Yuto.

Yuto, being kind, smiled shyly at the two girls and quickly signed the paper and inserted his number into Aimi's phone. Then, he ran after his friends, who were standing in a dark alleyway. There were three girls sitting on the ground and being punched by two boys with three girls standing at the sides cheering them on.

"Hey! Stop abusing them! What did they do!" Shoon ran forward to the strangers. The boys and their three girl friends ran away, allowing Shoon, Yuto, Keito, Yabu and Hikaru to help the three injured girls to a nearby hospital.

The next day, The five boys got awoken by a text message... from Taiyou.
Meet me 6:30AM at Take-doori, I need to tell you guys something really important.

At 6:29AM, everyone was gathered under the tree they always go to when they had something they wanted to keep more silent. Taiyou was there with the day's newspaper, "Look! There's something that happened yesterday in that alleyway no one ever goes to. Three girls got beaten up by two boys... The boys and their three girl friends ran away after a group of young teens spotted them. There are no information on the three abused girls, but it seems that the three girls standing at the side belongs to the president of the acting company, Voice"

"Yabai, that group is us! We were the ones that stopped it!" Hikaru started a victory dance at their random act of kindness and chanted, "We're in the newspapers! We're in the newspapers!"

Shoon was deep in thought, "Voice... that's Reina-chan's dad's company... Kowai"

Shoon was still deep in thought when he arrived at home and his cousin, Mayuko, who was spending her holiday at Shoon's house, still reflecting on the newspapers, "Are you serious? They're at it again?!"

Shoon looked at his closest cousin, "Mayuko...?"

Mayuko looked up, "Nani?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh you haven't heard? Last night there were three girls who were abused by this set of triplets..."

"What about the triplets?"

Mayuko looked at Shoon, "They moved here from Sendai... claiming that they're the Voice president's long-lost daughters"

Shoon stared, "Sendai... and since you know them personally, that means they go to your school or something?"

Mayuko nodded, "Yep, they're not very nice people. It's best to watch out and not get yourself into trouble" 

"Wakatta, thanks for telling me" Shoon smiled at his cousin and headed to his room. He took out his phone and texted the people who he knew knows about this incident: 
Hey guys! Mayuko just told me that she's classmates with the triplets and they're really mean... we should watch out for them

A couple minutes later, he got a text back from Hikaru, It's you who should be careful, you're the one who's gonna go to audition at his company... don't get too attracted to them, according to Mayu-chan, there's a lot more great girls out there!

Shoon sighed, "Can't he be serious for once?"

Shoon got ready to head over to Voice's studio. He kept Hikaru's advice and Mayuko's precaution in mind, "Apparently they're not who they claim to be. Reina-chan said that last night too..." 

Shoon arrived at the building and saw three girls and two boys outside the building smoking. They look so familiar...

A/N: SUSPENSE xP Sorry it's so short! I just decided on a whim to write this and I need to stuuudyyyyy for tomorrow's tests! I'll try to make it longer next time! xD

Comments are LOVED! xD
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