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Title: A Misguided Love - Chapter 1
Author: swimmer_chen
Summary: Yamashita Shoon is known for his great acting. A girl, who’s an acting agency’s president’s daughter, found Shoon and wants him to act for her dad, so she lures him to her house. At the girl's house, Shoon, Yabu, Hikaru, Keito and Yuto found out the girl is the half-sister of the agency’s president’s triplet daughters, all of whom the president found again after 15 years. That day, the half-sister tells the boys of her suspicion that her sisters are not who they claim to be. They were even more alert of the situation when Taiyo pointed out something in the newspapers and saw an incident in a dark alleyway. In addition, Shoon’s closest cousin, Yamashita Mayuko, warns them of the triplets. Will the boys be able to prove to the world who the real triplet daughters are? And will they find love with the right people? What will happen with Shoon's acting career when people start finding wounds on his body?  
Disclaimer: i own only the plot

OCs: [livejournal.com profile] heisei_angel [livejournal.com profile] daintyxdoll [livejournal.com profile] aimix3 [livejournal.com profile] jinkamenashi [livejournal.com profile] dychan15 
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*Note* The evil triplets have different names but for the purpose of disguise, they "have" the same last names.

Before Shoon had a chance to open the door, it opened and Reina came out. She pulled Shoon into the building and into an isolated room. There were three girls sitting in their chairs. They looked exactly like the girls at the front smoking.

"They have such a weird smell" Shoon thought.

"These are my triplet sisters, Ichinose Sayuri, Kaeri and Ayumi. They're seventeen"

A man opened the door, "Hajime mashite. I'm Ichinose Kenta, the president of this company, Voice. I'm very glad you're considering us to be your agency" 

The man introduced the company more in detail, and about what the contract entails. All the while, Shoon could feel four pairs of eyes on him. He turned nervously toward the eyes and saw four girls' eyes on him. Reina had a smile on her face and tried to help her father whenever she could. Meanwhile, the three other girls, the triplets, all stared coldly at him.

"Girls, don't be so cold towards him, he's a very good actor and can help our company, be nice to him" 

Shoon stared at Mr. Ichinose, "So you are using me to help earn money for your company?"

Ichinose laughed, "No, of course not. Our company is famous enough. We just want you to be able to be drawn to your full potential. That's all" He smiled at the boy

Shoon stood up and grabbed the contract, "Okay, I'll think about it and call you"

Shoon returned home thinking, "Should I join? They seem pretty suspicious, but this could be my big break!" 

At home, he surprisingly found Yabu, Hikaru, Taiyou, Yuto, Taiyou and Keito in his house. They were all waiting nervously for the results.

"I will consider it" Shoon reported, then went to his room. Everyone else thought him suspicious so they followed him upstairs.

"What's wrong?"

"...... They all seem suspicious, but this could be my big break!" 

After talking with his most trusted friends, Shoon went to Mayuko to ask her for advice. She told him to try it out, but still be alert for anything strange and never to trust anyone from that company. Shoon called the president that same day, "Okay I'm in"

The next day, Shoon went early to Voice. As he was nervous, he made Hikaru accompany him.

"What are you nervous for? I thought I told you not to fall for the girls!"

"I'm scared of knowing their real personalities"

Hikaru reassuringly placed his hands on Shoon's shoulders, "Daijoubu, you'll be fine. I'm sure they're nice" 

Shoon looked at Hikaru, "Did that news just pass through your brain? The girls are dangerous!"

"Hora! Relax! I know this is gonna be your big break, but just relaaaax!"

They had arrived at the studio. Shoon took a deep breath and went in. Hikaru followed.

"You're here again?" The speaker had long straight black hair with brown eyes. She was a short, tan girl with a slightly flatter nose than the average. Her plump feature made her the "cute" type.

Shoon nodded while Hikaru whispered to him, "Don't you dare steal her, she's mine!"

Shoon rolled his eyes, "I won't, I'm not interested. I'm here for the job, not a date. Besides, Mayuko's prettier" 

Sayuri found herself being stared at and asked coldly, "What?"

"Betsuni... you're really cute, what's your name?"


"I'm Hikaru"

"Cool" Hikaru followed Sayuri when she turned a corner. He turned back and motioned to Shoon, "I'll find out more for you" 

Shoon rolled his eyes again, "Sure you will"

At that moment, Reina came in, "Ahh! Yamashita-kun! There you are! You're wanted for a one-day filming clip! Let's go!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shoon was just about to leave the jimusho when he was stopped by two girls walking in front of him. They were talking pretty loudly. Both had brown hair, were about the same height and both were skinny.

"Kaeri thinks she should just go ahead with the plan" The girl with a more feminine touch to her tomboyish clothing said. She had green eyes, color contacts maybe? 

The other girl, the one wearing jeans, looked suspiciously at Shoon, "Kaeri, be quieter. There's people here"

Kaeri laughed and nodded, "Hai!"

Shoon thought the girls were suspicious but didn't say anything.

That night, Shoon's attention was turned toward the newspaper that Mayuko was reading, "Another abuse?"

"Seems like it, and by Voice's triplets again. I wonder how long it would take for people to know that they're not the real daughters"

Shoon looked intently at Mayuko, "Are you sure they're not the real triplets?" 

Mayuko nodded, "I told you, they're posers. They're just taking the advantage of the fact that the president hasn't seen his daughters since they were infants" 

Shoon pulled a chair next to Mayuko and sat down suddenly, making her look at him concerned, "How will we prove that they're not the real daughters? Should I try to track them down and-"

"SHOON! Don't... do.... anything... outrageous" Despite being a full year younger than her cousin, Mayuko was close enough to Shoon to only address him by his name.

Shoon looked at Mayuko for a few seconds and smiled, "I won't, don't worry" He headed toward his room and called up Yabu and Keito.

Yabu: Moshi moshi? Shoon?
Shoon: Un, hold on a moment, I wanna connect to Keito first
Keito: Hello?
Shoon: Yabu? Keito? You're both here?
Keito + Yabu: Yeah
Yabu: What's up?
Shoon: I just talked to Mayuko. The triplets of Voice's president are not actually his daughters. She told me they were her classmates and they were mean.
Yabu: You want us to join you tomorrow, don't you?
Keito: Just to make sure?
Shoon: Un, onegai
Yabu: Un, what time should we meet?
Keito: And what place?
Shoon: Five o'clock sharp at my house
Yabu: Okay, well I'll see you tomorrw. I have to get back to shigoto
Keito: I still have school

Shoon hung up and threw down his phone on the bed. Soon, he fell asleep and awaited the next day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shoon woke up to find a blanket on him. He went next door to Mayuko's room and found her asleep at her desk with her computer still open. Shoon smiled, "Mayuko... you take such good care of me... you need to do the same to yourself" He laid the blanket that was previously covering him, on his cousin.

Shoon was just about to walk away when he saw his name on Mayuko's screen, "What the heck?" he thought to himself.

Mayuko's message to the other person was, Remember my cousin Shoon? And those three brats? Shoon met them and I tried to convince him that they're not who they claim to be. I think he's also suspicious but I don't know what I can do  to protect him

Shoon read on, her friend replied with, MAKE SURE HE KNOWS!!! Why don't you confront them about it?

What am I supposed to do? Accompany him to work every day? Besides, it's best if he doesn't actually know... it might jeopardize his chances of fully debuting as an actor. I really don't want that to happen

Mayuko-chan! Do something about it! He needs to know! If you really love the guy, you need to tell him! Don't let any harm come to him. Besides, he doesn't deserve them, there are a lot more great acting companies out there. Make sure something about their claim gets out to the public in some way. Oh, by the way, when's the next time he can come visit? xP

Chika-chan... this is not about him going to Sen

That's where it ended, halfway through the word "Sendai."

"Shoon..." Shoon looked toward the sound of the voice.

"Yabai, she woke up"

Mayuko noticed that he was looking at her screen and minimized the window. She looked at Shoon and asked, "Did you read the whole thing?"

Shoon nodded, speechless.

"Shoon, I am serious. Even Chika-chan-"

"I know. Mayuko, I know... I just don't know what to do now"

Mayuko thought for a moment, grinned and said, "Actually.... I just happened to have a plan..."

A/N: I wonder what this plan may be... Yabaaaaai, Hika fell for a bad triplet! >.< Hopefully it'll go upward from here xD Anyway, I'll try to write a bit more next time xD 
JamJam, my promise to you still exists! I'll write Chapter 2 at night and I'll have it done by Sunday, when you'll be online, okay?

Comments are LOVED! xD
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