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Title: A Misguided Love - Chapter 3
Author: swimmer_chen
Summary: Yamashita Shoon is known for his great acting. A girl, who’s an acting agency’s president’s daughter, found Shoon and wants him to act for her dad, so she lures him to her house. At the girl's house, Shoon, Yabu, Hikaru, Keito and Yuto found out the girl is the half-sister of the agency’s president’s triplet daughters, all of whom the president found again after 15 years. That day, the half-sister tells the boys of her suspicion that her sisters are not who they claim to be. They were even more alert of the situation when Taiyo pointed out something in the newspapers and saw an incident in a dark alleyway. In addition, Shoon’s closest cousin, Yamashita Mayuko, warns them of the triplets. Will the boys be able to prove to the world who the real triplet daughters are? And will they find love with the right people? What will happen with Shoon's acting career when people start finding wounds on his body?  
Disclaimer: i own only the plot

OCs: [livejournal.com profile] daintyxdoll [livejournal.com profile] heisei_angel [livejournal.com profile] aimix3 [livejournal.com profile] hyuuchiha_miki [livejournal.com profile] chinenmai 
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Warning: This chapter has gorified Shoon in it >.<

Shoon arrived early to the jimusho again the next day. He wanted to find Yabu, and since he couldn't reach his friend on the phone, he started from where he last saw him.

Once inside the building, Shoon frantically ran around trying to find Yabu, "Yabu-kun, where are you?!" 

He heard a muffled sound coming from a hallway, so naturally Shoon entered it. It was dark and shadowy, so Shoon became more alert and opened the door to find his friend being tied to a chair along with three girls.

Shoon ran into the room, saying repeatedly, "Gomen, Yabu. I shouldn't have forgotten you"

After Yabu was untied, he helped Shoon untie the three girls. Suddenly, one of them gasped and squealed, "Watch out behind you" 

Indeed, the two guys that were always hanging out with Sayuri, Ayumi and Kaeri, were at the door. They sneered at the site and closed in on Shoon.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Shoon shrugged nonchalantly, "Visiting my friend is all. What else could I be doing in this muffled atmosphere?"

The two boys snickered, "Sorry, but there's no visitors allowed" He punched Shoon in the stomach, "Maybe you'll remember that from now on"

They turned to leave laughing, but at the same time, Shoon did a round-off and kicked the boys with one leg each, making them fall hard onto the ground.

"Ah, so those acrobat lessons from the sempais do help" To the boys, he said, "And maybe that'll teach you a lesson before kidnapping Yabu"

The boys strained to talk. Shoon noticed and said, "Oh, yeah maybe I should step off the cushions under my feet huh"

The boys turned and bolted out of the room, shouting, "You'll regret doing that!"

The three girls, Yabu and Shoon laughed, and headed out together.

"Shoon-kun, there you are!" Reina saw the three girls who seemed to have some resemblance to her, "You girls are?"

"They're the real Ichinose triplets" Yabu said

"Now we just have to convince the world" Shoon said glumly

"We can start with my dad, but if you don't go to the location shoot right now, he'll never believe you" Reina added

They walked to the location shoot where Mr. Ichinose was calling out for Shoon. Reina walked up to him, "Here he is, dad. By the way, can we talk after he gets done for the day?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"At least your dad believed it" Shoon told Reina

Reina looked at Shoon, "He did, but not completely"

"Maybe we should take them to him. He'll see the resemblance then"

Reina noticed that Shoon was thinking hard on how to convince the president, "Don't worry. I'll start by taking them in. Just think of how to kick Sayuri, Ayumi and Kaeri out. No, tell your friends, like Yabu-kun, to think of how. You just focus on acting and believing in us" 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hope you guys don't mind sharing my room with me" Reina apologized, with the girls shaking their heads, grateful for her kindness, "Now your schedule is mine. Wherever I am, you guys follow. About possessions, just use what I have for now; I'll take you guys shopping later"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Reina-chan!" Reina turned to see Yabu and Hikaru running up to them. They noticed the three girls carrying tons of bags. They smiled at the girls, making them blush.

"Where's Yuto-kun and Keito-kun?"

"They're taking Shoon to the jimusho" Hikaru informed

"What happened to Shoon?"

"Why don't you go and see?" Yabu asked

"Can't you see I'm busy?" Seeing that she won't know by asking the boys, she added, "Maa, I'll stop by later then" 

In the midst of the talk, Yabu walked up to Rina and took all her bags while Hikaru went to help Ruka with hers.

"Help, Yabu-kun! Hikaru-kun! Help me hide!" someone called. They looked behind themselves to find Yuto running towards them with two screaming girls. He hid behind Yabu, whispering, "Dou shiyou?"

Reina chuckled and said, "Aimi! Mai! Stop it, I'll get you his autograph later if you stop following him so childishly"

Immediately, the girls stopped, and Yuto came out from behind Yabu, "You know them?"

Reina laughed, "Best friends"

"Iya, you should've told me sooner and spared me all that trouble" Yuto pouted.

Miki laughed, making Yuto look at her. He smiled, "Ah, you want me to take those bags from you? They make you look awfully small"

"It's fine, I'm already short, it doesn't make that much of a difference. If you take them, it'll make you look small. Now, we don't want someone was good-looking as you look small, do we?"

Yuto stared at her, thinking, "Wow, this girl's got guts," smiled, and took the bags from her anyway.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The seven new friends headed back to the jimusho just in time for them to hear, "Yamashita-kun, are there any bruises in this drama? Are there? NO! Now go home and get yourself cleaned up. Come back rested in three days"

They looked at each other, then saw Keito come out with Shoon. Shoon looked like he had just come out of a fight. Everyone ran up to him, "Daijoubu?/What happened?"

"Nothing" Shoon coughed, covering his mouth with his hankerchief. He stuffed it back into his pocket, but not before everyone saw the red stained on it.

"Yuto, help me walk Shoon home, everyone else, go get his stuff, the locker is #3, and here's the key" Keito handed them the key, and Shoon grabbed onto him.

Keito stopped and looked at the injured boy, "Make them go home, I need my rest"

"Daijoubu, I'll make sure they're quiet" Keito reassured as the others came back

That night, everyone was at Shoon's apartment. Even though they're sure the impostors don't know where Shoon lives, they'd rather not risk it. Except for Shoon, everyone had to take turns being on night watch, starting with Hikaru, since he stays up the latest. 
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