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Title: Connections
Author/authors: swimmer_chen
Fandom: JE
This is for everyone xD
none I can think of now
Will fans try to stalk the idol siblings too, in order to attempt to get closer to their favorite idols? What will become of the siblings' lives? *Note* OCs are siblings

Before anything, I want to make some things clear: 
1. Do not manipulate your applications in any way whatsoever. Selections will not be dependent on RL. That means even if a JE boy has no sisters in RL, they can have one in this fic 
2. Info may or may not be changed to fit story better
3. I need OCs for some people to be okay with being boys. We can't have all JE members only have sisters... This may affect your status to be picked. If you want to have a different relationship with a JE boy other than sisters/brothers, please indicate that. 
4. I know members of HSJ, Ya-Ya-yah and KAT-TUN's Kamenashi fairly well. Since not only these JE members have siblings, you can still apply for any JE boy you wish, but just keep in mind I'll need more info if it's not within my range of expertise.
5. Please pick a boy within JE that have siblings in real life, aka (as much as I like him) no Keito, sorry.
6. I will be asking you questions if I have any, in order to clear anything up. If I do, please be courteous to respond so that I can get on with the story. If you only want to be in the story, then please don't apply. I need OCs to respond, even if it's occasionally. Basically, I need to have all my OCs care about being an OC somewhat... I need to be able to contact them somehow from time to time.
7. Please choose two boys, no more, no less.
8. I won't be forcing anyone, but it would be more fun (for everyone) if some of you willingly choose to be boy OCs.

For applications, provide as much information as you want. However, the clearer image I have of your OC, the more chances I may pick you and develop your character well.

Name (Japanese)
Gender you prefer (Please state if you're willing to be a boy for your OC or not)
Name (provide boy name if you are willing to be one in the fic, also Japanese)
Common interest 

     what you like doing together
     what you both like
     (they may be different, for example, you both might like music, but because you have different tastes in music, you don't like to listen to music together, but likes to do sports together)
Difference in opinions
     dispute starters
     topics you like to have a good debate about (but still remain on good terms)
JE boy (pick 2, no exceptions. If you only really want one, then clearly state so)

 Just a reminder that there may be more than one OC for a certain JE boy... remember that this is a sibling fanfic, and many people have more than one sibling =) 

And, for common interest and difference in opinions, you don't need to have something for both categories, but if you don't put something down for one category, you need to put something down for the other. Also, there are two parts to both sections "common interest" and "difference in opinions." It would help me a lot if you specified what activities/events are for which part instead of putting it all under one big section. 

Btw, those interested in being cowriters, please read and comment here. Those who have offered already, please comment there as well. Thanks~
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