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Title: Connections – Chapter 1
swimmer_chen and chiyakenyu
This is for everyone xD
none I can think of now
Will fans try to stalk the idol siblings too, in order to attempt to get closer to their favorite idols? What will become of the siblings' lives? *Note* OCs are siblings

Note: the background info of every OC is here. Please read it so that the story will be easier to follow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Yamashitas’ POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

“Ani, Nii-chan! Hurry! We’re gonna be late!” the youngest of the Yamashita triplets, Anika, cried. She hurriedly put on her shoes and opened the door. Shoon had just stepped down from the last stair toward the kitchen.

“Not so fast, Nika. You forgot your lunch” Shoon smiled and ruffled his sister’s head before handing her the bento and accompanied his youngest brother, Reon, to school after sending his twin siblings out the door to their school.

“Thanks, Ani!” Anika hurried out the door with Kenta closely behind. He was still munching on the last of his breakfast and grabbing onto his lunch bag, Kenta also left for his first day at the new school with a wave of a hand.

 “Nii-chan, hurry!” Anika called to Kenta. Kenta was locking the front door, “Iikara, Ani will lock it!”

“Uh….. Aniki already went through the back door with Reon” Anika sighed. She grabbed the keys from Kenta and quickly locked the door. Then, she grabbed Kenta’s wrist and ran toward the park to meet up with their friends.

“Anika, I need to digest! Slow down, geez”

“Nii-chan, we’re already late! Hurry!” She held onto Kenta’s wrist and dragged him even faster than the pace they’re going at.

“Okay, just let go of me” Anika let go and ran full speed toward the park with Kenta following behind.

                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Arioka’s POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Nii-chan!” Daiki turned to find his younger brother running toward him, “Wait for me!”

Daiki smiled and waited for his brother to catch up, “C’mon! The others are waiting” Daiki ruffled his brother’s hair. Then, they walked side by side to the park to meet up with the others.

On the way, they saw a candy store and Daichi’s urge to go in was too big so they promised to only have a peek and not buy anything.

When they came out ten minutes later, each boy had a box of Pocky in one hand and a whole bag of different colored Pocky draped on their arm. They shared both boxes even though they each had one. Then, they happily walked to the park to meet up with the others.

                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chinen’s POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mai sat on a nearby swing and began to kick her feet against the ground. She went higher and higher up in the air and a few minutes being in her own dreamland, she heard a loud “CHINEN!!!” She turned around and saw Arioka Daichi and Daiki smiling brightly running at her and her brother.

“Wow, his smile’s as bright as his brother’s….” When Daichi sat down, Mai jumped up, “Ah, Yuuri! Daichi! Dai-nii! The Yamashitas are here!”

Three heads turn and they all see two of the triplets running up to them. They paused a bit for Anika to catch her breath. Anika stuffed earphones into her ears and soon she caught her breath.

“Eh? Where’s Shoon?” Daiki asked, and everyone joined in, wanting to know the answer.

“Oh, Reon wanted him to accompany him to school cause it’s his first day at a new school too” Kenta explained.  

After a few more minutes, they began walking a little further toward Setsuhen Gakuen, their new school, together to meet up with more friends.

                                                ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ueda’s POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He pushed his older brother’s room’s door open eagerly, hoping he would say what was desired. “Nii-chan! Can you accompany me to school?” the fourteen-year-old Keisuke pleaded. Going into his third year of junior high at a new school was a weird feeling and he wanted his brother to be with him.

“Gomen, Kei-chan. I have shigoto. Besides, don’t you have Miki-chan and Kazuya-kun to go with you? And all your other friends, Yamashita, Chinen and…. others?”

Keisuke hung his head, “Okay…. I guess…. Have fun at shigoto….”

“Gomen ne, Kei-chan” Tatsuya apologetically looked at his brother, hoping he would forgive him. He had made a promise earlier with Kame, Koki, Taguchi, and Nakamaru to go hang out.

Sonna hanashi ga bokura no
Imano kono sekai ni mo aruyoude


“Keisuke-kun? This is Fuutaro”

“Oh, what’s up?!”

“I’m gonna call Kazuya….”

“Okay….. nice to know?”

“You wanna come?”

“…..come call Kazuya with you?”

“No…. I mean we’re gonna meet at the park and go to school together, you wanna come?”

“Yeah sure… since Nii-chan can’t come with me today anyway”

“Alright, see you then” Keisuke hung up and smiled at his brother, “Okay see you Nii-chan, have fun with shigoto”

Tatsuya smiled, then yelled out “Don’t forget to eat breakfast before you leave!” before Keisuke slammed the door behind him.

The door immediately opened again and Keisuke poked his head inside, “I already did. It’s you who needs to eat breakfast” With that, he nicely shut the door behind him and left.

A/N: Next coming up are the other 5 OC’s POV’s coming from Rhea. Also, would those who haven’t commented on Rhea’s page please do so (you know who you are) so she can get started on the banner please? Thanks~


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