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Title: Connections - Chapter 3
Authors: swimmer_chen and chiyakenyu
Fandom: JE
Pairing/-s: JE x OC
Rating: This is for everyone xD
Warnings: none I can think of now
Summary: Will fans try to stalk the idol siblings too, in order to attempt to get closer to their favorite idols? What will become of the siblings' lives? 
*Note* OCs are siblings

”Come in!” Kenta, being closest to the door, opened and went in, followed by all eight other students. ”Sit down, don’t be shy” Anika let out a nervous laugh.

”Welcome. To Setsuhen Gakuen. We hope by attending this school, not as many people will be able to follow you to get to your siblings” the principal said, ”Now let’s see what classes you will be in” The principal went behind his desk, scrolled something and found a document, ”Ahh, we have two Yamashitas who will be in the Daigaku 2 nen class.... Nakayama-kun will be in the Daigaku 1 nen class.... Yamada-kun will be in the Kou san class.... Morimoto-kun and Chinen-san will be in the Kou ni class... Ninomiya-san will be in the Kou ichi class... Ueda-kun and Arioka-kun will be in the Chuu san class.”

                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Chinen’s POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mai stared at all the cold stares the students had while she listened to herself being introduced, ”Our new student is Chinen Mai. She will be joining us from here on out. I hope we can give her a welcoming atmosphere to study in.... Now... you have a question, Asada-san?” Mai turned to look at the person with her hand up.

”Yeah, are you by any chance, relative of Chinen Yuuri?” Mai felt her heart stop. How did she guess? Is it cause our last names are the same? But that’s not possible. Besides Yuuri, there must be more Chinens in this country...

”Now, Asada-san. That’s not a very polite question. Now, please sit next to Asada-san, she will show you around”

Mai walked slowly to the empty desk next to Asada-san. She heard a light whisper, ”Reiko, she’s not that lucky”

Reiko snickered, ”Yeah, I just wanted to see how she would respond”

Mai folded her arms on her desk and rested her head. Before she knew it, she heard a sharp ”CHINEN! WAKE UP!!!” right beside her ear. She quickly stood up, rubbing her ear, ”Oh, sorry. I thought you’re deaf, since you never responded when I told you to wake up in a normal voice” She heard a few girls snicker.

”Rei! That’s not nice!” a boy said.

Reiko looked back and saw Kozuka Takashi in front of her. Immediately, she hung her head and walked away with the group.

”Tha-” Takashi glared at Mai and without waiting for her to finish, he left. Mai sighed and scrambled to catch up, ”Sumimasen!” She grabbed onto the boy’s shirt.

The boy suddenly stopped, making Mai wrinkle his shirt more, ”Excuse me, but do you have any clue as to who I am?!” Again, without waiting for Mai to answer, he left.

”THANK YOU!” Takashi stopped walking. ”Thanks for being there for me and...”

”I wasn’t....”

”Hm??” Takashi looked at the girl standing in front of him.

”I....I mean.... are you really Chinen Yuuri’s relative?”

Mai stared at him, then smiled and said, ”Yes, I’m his sister”

”Yappari, I can’t like Chinens” Takashi walked away. Mai stared at him walk farther and farther away. What’s?

                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Yamashita’s POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

”You’re the new students?” the teacher asked  in a tone as if she doesn’t really care. Anika nodded, ”Okay, just sit.... anywhere” With a wave of a hand, Anika and Kenta was asked to sit down. The two siblings sighed and walked to find two empty seats.

”Anou... Shoon-kun?” Kenta turned around to find a girl staring at him with tears in her eyes. ”Shoon-kun, do you remember me?” This time, the girl was grabbing onto Kenta’s shoulders and shaking him. Hard. 

Anika tried to pull them apart, but the girl was too strong. After a few minutes, Kenta finally broke away from the girl and staggered a few steps backward, ”Anou......... I-I’m...... I’m not Shoon........”

”Y-......you’re not?”

”I’m his brother Kenta...”


”And who might you be?” However, the girl never heard his question... She had walked away with a smirk on her face.

That day at lunch, a group of girls surrounded the two students eating. They were all holding a fruit or drink of some sort, waiting to throw.

Anika and Kenta looked at each other, head still bent low as the bite of noodles wasn’t entirely in their mouth yet.

Anika whispered, ”Yabai” while Kenta just continued to eat. He hoped Anika will do the same to pretend that they didn’t see the girls. Suddenly, the girls raised their arms and threw, with all their might, at Kenta and Anika.

Immediately, Kenta wrapped his arms around the near-crying Anika and whispered, ”Call Aniki”

”Moshi moshi?”


Where are you?”

”Setsuhen Gakuen....” Then, the line was dead.

Anika held her phone in front of her chest and waited until Kenta whispered, ”Anika.... they’re all gone.... it’s safe now...”

”Arigatou” Anika looked at her brother. Although he showed no emotion toward the incident, she knew he was probably scared as well.

Kenta smiled, ”Come, let’s go wait for Aniki at the front of the school.” Kenta led Anika to the front of the school, ”There shouldn’t be anyone here at the moment. Wait for me a few minutes, I’ll go get our stuff and a change of clothes for you.”

”Nii-chan......” A few minutes later, she jumped when felt a tap on her shoulder. She sighed in relief when she saw it was none other than her brother, Yamashita Shoon.

”Where’s Kenta?”

”He..... eh? Shouldn’t he be back by now?”

”Nika, where is he?!” Anika pointed inside, and dragging Anika, Shoon ran inside, ”Nika, show me where your classroom is.”

                                    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ueda’s and Arioka’s POV ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Daichi and Keisuke went nervously into the classroom, where they were very warmly welcomed by their teacher.

”Class, this is is Arioka Daichi and Ueda Keisuke. Please give them a warm welcome. Especially..... Maruyama Shu.... remember how everyone warmly welcomed you when you first came?”

The boy nodded and smiled, ”Alright. Daichi, please take the seat next to Maruyama-kun. Ueda-kun, please take the seat next to Suzuki-kun”

Keisuke smiled at Suzuki-kun, only to see a glare directed right at him. He turned away and looked at Daichi and sighed.

Daichi was met by a smile, ”Hello, I’m Maruyama Shu”  Seeing that Daichi was a bit sad, he went on to explain, ”Don’t worry about them. Most of the kids at this school are a bit....... well, they’re rich and all, and.... they don’t like new students, especially when a bunch of them have the same last names as the idols they like”

Daichi smiled back at Shu, ”I’m Daichi... I’m Daiki’s little brother”

Shu’s eyes grew big, ”You mean.... you all are siblings of celebrities?”

Daichi nodded, ”Yeah, but please don’t tell anyone... we’re supposed to lead a bit more of a normal life here at Setsuhen Gakuen... not being chased by people who want us to get stuff from their favorite idols for them...”

Shu smiled, ”Your secret’s safe with me.... but how many of you are there exactly?”

”Enough..... for everyone to know about all of us...”

The bell rang, and the two new friends, along with Keisuke, went to lunch.

A/N: Next chapter at Rhea's page! =)

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