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Note: EARTH TO MY MULTICHAPS!!! So I had a poll recently about which multichap I should recontinue, and the winner is Hana Kimi, so I will be updating that soon. This, again, will be my writer's block story, which I will write to help me get ideas. School kills off my creativity and imagination completely, so I'm hoping this will help. I've already re-read the chapters to Hana Kimi and have started on writing the next chapter, so that should be coming back soon. 

Sorry about the long hiatus for pretty much all my fanfics and just know that I'm hoping I'll slowly bring each one back to life and finish them. That is my goal. Anyway, here is my masterpost for this story, and I'll provide the links for my other ones when I start on them again. Hopefully this will continue to be as good as when it first started.

Again, sorry for going back and forth for the perspectives, but just know that 'I' is in perspective of Sayuko unless otherwise mentioned. If Sayuko is not present, then I don't think I would use "I, me" etc. Also, while rereading this fanfic, I noticed that at first I said that Sayuko had 3 sisters, but in the end, she turned out to have 3 brothers, one of them twins. So let's just forget about the sisters and make note that she has 3 brothers. I'll try not to forget again haha. 

We left off where Shoon bought a necklace that Sayuko likes. Then, they had an Onigokko appearance where Sayuko got hurt and she could only show up at the jimusho because of her promise to Johnny that she will dance - no excuses. She agrees to that and tries really hard to catch up. Her crutches were taken away from her brother Keith and she limps to practice for Shokura appearance with Ya-Ya-yah that is in two weeks. 

Anyway, enough with the notes, hope you enjoy!!~ 

Part 26

Two weeks have passed and I finally got my cast off. I just need to take periodic breaks for my ankle as to not overwork it. Tomorrow is the Shokura appearance. I am nervous about it since I hadn't been able to practice with my cast off for that long. I practiced as much as I could and watched whenever I had to sit down, or whenever I was made to sit by my groupmates. My brother Keith came to pick me up, bringing my wheelchair. This was so that I wouldn't be more exhausted than I need to. I had gotten rid of my limp - that is, unless my ankle is overworked. 

"See you tomorrow, Sayu-chan!" I turn around and see four boys I've grown to know and love standing on the top step smiling and waving at me. I smiled and nodded and turned back to head back home. 

The boys went back to the dressing room after seeing Sayuko off. They realized that they came back as three people, not four. They searched around for Shoon, but he was nowhere to be seen. 

"SHOON!" Still, no answer. They searched around for the older boy, even in other groups' dressing rooms, but no luck. They returned to Ya-Ya-yah's dressing room, hoping that Shoon would be in there. Taiyou squatted down and looked for clues as to where his friend might be. 

"AH!" Two boys' heads turned to look at the tall boy, "Masaka...... Shoon got abducted by aliens when we were heading back!!" He flinched when he felt two slaps on the head. Yabu and Hikaru sat down in the chairs provided in the dressing rooms. 

"Or," Hikaru said suddenly, "he went home already" The other two boys nodded, as this could definitely be a possibility.

"OR!" Yabu yelled, for he just had an idea, "He went to confess to Sayuko already!!"

Before any of the other members could reply to that statement, they heard a "Who went to confess to Sayuko?" They turned their heads to face the door and find Shoon at the doorway, confused. They slowly turned their heads back, hoping Shoon wouldn't probe further. He did. 

Shoon touched the box inside his pocket. Tomorrow was the big day and he was nervous about it. He had just gone to Johnny's office to ask whether he could reveal the true Iwata Sayuko and confess to her. He got a rejection. No, Shingo will remain Shingo on television. Fans have grown to love Shingo and he didn't want hassle when fans find out Iwata-kun is a girl. 

They continued practice, but Shoon's head and heart was elsewhere. His head replayed what he had in mind of what was to happen the next day. The next thing he knew, he was dismissed with a reminder to be at rehearsal the next morning by 8'oclock sharp. 

As soon as Sayuko got ready for bed, she got a call from Kayla. She didn't feel like picking it up because she was already worn out from the day's work, despite her getting off early. She didn't wanna do anything but sleep. Finally, she picked up after Kayla tried calling her five times. 


"Sayuko... Yabu-kun..." 

I was a bit more awake at the mention of my bandmate, "Yabu-kun? What about him?"  

“… He… He proposed to me!” I could hear Kayla’s cries of happiness. After a few more words of congratulations, we hung up. I still had work the next day.

It took me awhile to remember that Kayla and Yabu had gotten together. Thus, I was the only one who wasn’t surprised that he never showed up on time for rehearsal. The other three boys ran around frantically trying to figure out where the young star had gone while I was sitting down calmly - excuse is my ankle - waiting for Yabu, and possibly Kayla, to show up. 

An hour later, Yabu shows up at the dressing room with hands intertwined with my best friend's, "Sorry I'm late!" 

I walked as fast as I could and without a word, grabbed Kayla's hand, went outside to a solitary place. While Yabu was staring at me, the three boys came from the other direction and started lecturing Yabu on how he was one hour late. 

"Kayla! What happened?! You knew he had work today, why didn't you tell him to get up early?! Being a celebrity's girlfriend takes some responsibilities and sacrifices as well, you know! YOU have to work around his schedule, not the other way around!" I yelled at my best friend. She hung her head without a word, and only muttered a "I'm sorry" after I finished talking. 

I sighed, "Whatever, now is not the right time to lecture. You're saved, but if you do that again, I'll have to tell Johnny-san." 

Kayla smiled at me and exclaimed, "Thanks! I knew you're my best friend!" She hugged me and ran back into the dressing room. I followed behind; I needed to ease as much work off my ankle as possible. 

Back at the dressing room, I hear the three boys still taking turns to yell at the lover boy. I pulled Kayla aside again, and told her to tell them that since we're running late, I'll meet them at the stage. She made sure I was out of view before she yelled, "GUYS! Sayuko said since you guys are running late, she'll meet you at the stage." The three boys plus Yabu looked at the clock and ran out of the room. 

A/N: Was this too short?! My initial readers are no longer on LJ anymore =( Hopefully I'll have some new readers!!

Date: February 22nd, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] riinchaan.livejournal.com
OHMYYY . Yabu proposed to Kayla !! yeeeeeeeey !!

Come'on Shoon ! Yabu already proposed to Kayla ! & You haven't even asked out Sayuko yet !

Date: February 22nd, 2011 05:31 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] swimmer-chen.livejournal.com
uwa!! new reader!! thanks for your comment!! =))

hope you'll read my other fanfics. my masterpost is at my journal http://swimmer-chen.livejournal.com/54488.html


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