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Math test is over, meaning NO MORE HIATUS~~~
YES, Hana Kimi is coming soon, I promise. It's just that I've gotten into this story a lot; it's a lot easier to write for me. Fine, after finishing part 21, I'll go think of the next chapter of Hana Kimi before I start working on Part 22 (can't guarantee more than one for Hana Kimi, sorry >.<)

Okay, so remember the thing about ONE-TIME ONLY - INTO [character]'s THOUGHTS-? Yeah, that's happening with this chapter. This is Sayuko's thoughts.


Part 20 )

A/N: Awww, everyone's trying to make them get together; even Hikaru gave up on Sayuko >.< but, why doesn't she get it?!?!??! ROFL, started on the next chapter~
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I know, I know, I can't resist.
Consider it my hiatus post for the week >.<
(and I promise Hana Kimi will be updated at least once within the next week)
I give to thee, part 19 xD The pretty boys grew up xDDD *tear*
and you know how much I love comments xDDD


Part 19 )

A/N: [IMPORTANT AND NOT A SPOILER] Since I've already written the next part, I should tell you. This is what you need to know (will also be posted again when the time comes): I've decided to include something called "One time only - into [character]'s thoughts-" where readers can see what's going on inside the character's thoughts. This will be included from time to time; I hope this will help you understand why the characters do what they do more. I have only one disclaimer: I wanted it to be special, thus the "one time only" thing. However, I realized I might have more of these moments for some characters, so I've decided to keep the section name and just have this from time to time. Gomen ne, so confusing - guess that's how I am. >.< Also, whoever's thoughts we're going into, that's who will be narrating in the section; everything will be in first person.

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A lot of updates today, I know. I'm using this to procrastinate on doing math homework, which is bad cause I have a test on Tuesday. Oh well, I'll just study tomorrow... Anyway, enjoy~


Part 18 )

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Haven't gotten to shokura yet xP
and Sayuko is having too much fun with her brother, lol. no progress


Part 17 )

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What? Shoon's rival???

Part 16

            I showed up at the jimusho the next day, to everyone’s delight.

            “Ne, Shingo-kun, Johnny-san wants you to be in Shokura again. He also said that you have to be on Ya-Ya-yah show regularly now.” someone informed me, “Oh, and you have to do a three-way otegami wo kakemashou with Hika-chan and Shoon-kun. That’s it for now”

            I froze, What? What’s a three-way otegami wo kakemashou? What’s that? I started to hate the jimusho again. Kame came up to me, “What’s up, Sayu-chan?” I looked back at him and didn’t reply.

            “She has to be on Shokura, be on the Ya-Ya-yah show regularly, and do a three-way otegami wo kakemashou with me and Hika-chan” Shoon explained. “She just got dumped with a ton of stuff she has to do, meaning…”


Part 16 )

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Yep, this is short, demo enjoy ne~


Chapter 10 )
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Part 15 )

Previous Chapter (has every other chapter before that posted):
Part 14
A/N: For those who dont know, this game, Backdraft Meeting, was actually a game they played when they went to USJ for their show. I just got it from them, so that's why Kusano was funniest, Shoon could eat the most, etc. I just added the thing about Sayuko cause there was no Sayuko in real life.
Ahh, next chapter is coming late cause I have no idea what to write about next for the story. Anyone who could give me ideas, I welcome it, but you arent obliged since i'll come up with something, since it's not based off of anything. Meanwhile, i'll probably work on Hana Kimi and finish that first???
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Comment if the links are wrong. Sorry it's so short, but I felt like it was a good place to stop.
Previous Chapters:

Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4//Part 5//Part 6//Part 7//Part 8//Part 9//Part 10//Part 11//Part 12//Part 13

Part 14 )
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Part 12
Sorry, this was kind of rushed, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it though. It wouldn't let me post all the previous chapters, so I'm only posting Part 12, which should have all the other chapters anyway.

Part 13 )

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Previous Chapters:

Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4//Part 5//Part 6//Part 7//Part 8//Part 9//Part 10//Part 11


Part 12 )

Next chapter will be coming up soon, since I already wrote part of it...

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Chapter 9 )

Okay, so at this point, I need some ideas, I don't know how to continue this; that's why this chapter was so short. Without ideas...the story can't continue, sorry. I really am blank on how to write this now.
When giving me ideas, please put one thing in mind. Here's the layout: Sayuri and Hikaru "gets together," the OCs and their pairs have moments where they get closer, and when they're all happy and content, they help Hikaru try to convince Sayuri to start gymnastics again.
Also for telling me ideas, you can tell me (not limited to) how you want to get together, what sort of things you want to have happen between the two... and just general ideas on how you want the story to go. 
Arigatou, minna~

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Previous Chapters: 

Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4//Part 5//Part 6//Part 7//Part 8//Part 9

As for Part 10...
GOMEN. I know it's lame, but please read and give me feedbacks so its not so unbearable in the upcoming chapters.

And for those of you who's been commenting on this fanfic, thanks. I REALLY, SINCERELY appreciate it. kochi kochi xD )
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It's a longer chapter than all my other ones, haha.


Read more... )

A/N: Sorry about my failure in this chapter. I'm kinda running out of ideas. OCs for Hana Kimi or anybody else, please help?


Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4//Part 5//Part 6//Part 7//Part 8


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Each part should have been labeled. Comment if the links are wrong.

xD PART 8 )

Remember how well Kayla and Yabu got along really well? Well, I haven’t forgotten, and here they are. It’s not really showing anything except that they’re close, I guess.
           And I’m also running out of ideas on how this could go…any ideas? For Kayla and Yabu as well…

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ok Part 7. I'm not going to link for awhile anymore. I'll just link to previous chapters every few updates ne.
Please read, as if I get comments, the next update (probably end of the week) COULD be...........HANA KIMI.........when i finish writing it lol


Part 7 )

read to find out xD
and you know how important comments are xD

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Prologue and Chapter 1//Chapter 2 and 3//Chapter 4 and 5//Chapter 6

Chapter 7:

                “Ne, Daijoubu?”

                Hikaru opened his eyes to find the gymnast whose life he had taken away. He shook his head, No, I’m not okay. I’ll never be okay until you start gymnastics again

                “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?” She kept asking.

                “Kokoro. My heart aches at the thought of killing a gymnast’s career”

                Sayuri looked away.

                “Ne. Why aren’t you doing gymnastics anymore?”


                After awhile, Sayuri whispered, “I-I…..I hate. Gymnastics” Hikaru looked over at her. Sayuri was looking down with tears in her eyes.

                “Uso. Demo, what would make you start liking it?”

                “I’m afraid….” Sayuri broke off. She couldn’t take it anymore.

                “Mou iiyo. Just do whatever you like then!” Hikaru hobbled out of the nurse’s office, leaving Sayuri to cry.


                <That night, in the room>

                “Sayu-chan, gomen ne. About earlier, I just feel guilty you’re not doing gymnastics anymore”

                “Eh? Why would you feel guilty? Moshi kashite, you’re Hikaru-kun from America?”

                There was silence as Hikaru tried to think of what to say.

                “Well, are you? You’re really weird, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were”

                “Hah? What does me being weird have to do with my gender?
                “Well, let’s see, the fact that you have unbelievable strength for a girl, that Chinen-kun denied you being Yaotome-“

                Hikaru laughed nervously, “Chigee yo! My best friend has the same name as me, okay? We live in America together” Hikaru lied.

                “Whatever, oyasuminasai” Sayuri closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

                Hikaru sighed. That was close.


                <The next day>

                Although it had been a week, Aya still did not forgive Hikaru about hogging Chinen, no matter how many times Mai explained the reason to her. She sought to revenge whenever possible, but so far her revenge has not been successful, and she’s determined to make it so.

                Today was a good day for revenge. After school, Aya has to clean the classroom with Hikaru-kun.


                Hikaru picked up the broom while Aya held a dirty towel to be washed by the water in the pail by Hikaru’s feet. Because he was not paying attention, Aya took the chance to trip. She screamed as she fell on the ground by tripping over Hikaru’s foot. Then, Hikaru came back to the present. When Aya started to cry and Hikaru extended his arm out to help her up. Aya took the hand, stood up and pushed Hikaru over. Hard.

                “Iteee~” Hikaru winced as the pain shot through his head from the hard fall.

                “Ah, you’ve got a strong personality so you’re okay, right? Un, oh yeah, Chinen-sama asked me to meet him at the park so you clean up the rest, ne. Yoroshiku.” Aya snickered and felt accomplished at her revenge.

                Mai, walking past the classroom, saw Aya leaving happily, so she knew something was wrong. She sprinted past Aya, knocking her shoulder out of the way, making Aya infuriated once more.

                “Watch where you’re going, Mai!” Aya yelled, afraid she’ll tell Chinen that it was she who was bullying Hikaru.

                “Hika-chan, daijoubu?” Mai asked kneeling down next to him. “Who did this to you?” not at all suspecting her best friend.

                “Un, daijoubu” Hikaru forced a smile. Then, everything blacked out.

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Summary: The remake of the original story of Hana Kimi... except gender switch

I will try to put links to every part of the Hana Kimi story..here. This is for easy navigation. Comment if the links are wrong. Hope you like them


Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
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Hi, guys! back from my hiatus! pulled two grades up! xD and according to my standards, I failed my Japanese oral and test! Dx written = 88% (I think) and 90% on my oral, but I still have an A xD

Okay here's to the previous parts of my first fanfic: 

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


first fanfic )
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As of right now, here are all the candidates I'm aware of. Please tell me if your name's not included but you commented on my post for second call for OCs. Also, if you want to be a candidate, please comment in my post calling for OCs the second time located in my journal.

[livejournal.com profile] heisei_angel 
[livejournal.com profile] hikarinoniji 
[livejournal.com profile] ayakanishi 
[livejournal.com profile] aznbissh 

[livejournal.com profile] hyuuchiha_miki 
[livejournal.com profile] rae_yna 
[livejournal.com profile] liquid_drop
[livejournal.com profile] chiyakenyu 

[livejournal.com profile] dychan15 
[livejournal.com profile] miyakochanx3 

[livejournal.com profile] chinenmai 
[livejournal.com profile] aimix3 

[livejournal.com profile] jinkamenashi 

[livejournal.com profile] sushiiedroppux3 
[livejournal.com profile] hikaru_is_love 
[livejournal.com profile] angelika20

OC applications still needed but not limited to:
1 for Hikaru, Taiyo
You can still apply for anybody though...just not be guaranteed...
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                “Ah! Sorry I’m late!” Hikaru exclaimed, bowing to the class in apology.

                “Class, this is our transfer student from America, Yaotome Hikaru.” The teacher introduced.

                “UWAA~ She’s so tall!” Matsumura Yuzuki exclaimed. “Sasuga an American!”


Chapter one )
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After more consideration and talking to [livejournal.com profile] ayakanishi , I've decided to start over with my finding OCs for my second fanfic.

Title: [in the midst of deciding one; thanks to all those who gave me an idea]
Author: swimmer_chen
Summary: Yamashita Shoon is known for his great acting. A girl, who’s an acting agency’s president’s daughter, found Shoon and wants him to act for her dad, so she lures him to her house. Feeling uneasy, Shoon invites Taiyo, Yabu, Hikaru, Keito and Yuto; only Taiyo was not able to accompany him to the girl's house. At the girl's house, the boys found out the girl is the half-sister of the agency’s president’s triplet daughters, all of whom the president found again after 15 years. That day, the half-sister tells Shoon, “I suspect my sisters are not who they claim to be." They were even more alert of the situation when Taiyo pointed out something in the newspapers and saw an incident in a dark alleyway. In addition, Shoon’s closest cousin, Yamashita Risa, warns the six boys that the triplets are not who they seem to be. Will the boys be able to prove to the world who the real triplet daughters are? And will they find love with the right people? What will happen with Shoon's acting career when people start finding wounds on his body?  
Disclaimer: i own only the plot

OCs needed for:
Yabu [2]
Keito [2]
Hikaru [1 more]
Taiyo [1 more]
Yuto [at least 1]

Note: Hikaru and Taiyou, I can accept one more applications, but no one else.

IF YOU HAVE APPLIED BEFORE FOR THIS FANFIC and you want to keep the same application, please tell me that you've applied before for THIS fanfic, and that you want to keep the same application. If you want to change some things, though, just tell me what you want to change from your application.

Please don't put two people for "Paired with" and say "whichever one's okay with me" because I will NOT choose for you. At most, I will tell you to pick ONE, but if you don't, then I won't put you in the story. THE ONLY REASON YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING MORE THAN ONE PERSON DOWN FOR "PAIRED WITH" is to increase the chances you have of being in the story.

Application (nothing has to be real, though it could if you want to):

Name (last, first):


Paired with:



I will be listing the roles, though not specifically, to avoid bias in the applications. If you have applied before, you know what the roles are, but I will not pick you if you just write the personality for the role you want. And yes, you would want to change the parts of your application that was manipulated to fit the role you want. You can keep anything else. 

Fairly large roles:

Half-sister [Shoon]

triplets [Keito, Yabu, Hikaru]


Not-so-big roles:

triplets [Keito, Yabu, Hikaru][not the same as those listed above]


Small roles:

Yuto’s fangirl(s)

Taiyo’s classmate(s)


this will NOT be first come first serve; I WILL CHOOSE! :)

WHEN EVALUATING EVERYONE'S APPLICATIONS, I will also be checking for factors other than just your application, such as your LJ activeness. ONLY ACTIVE APPLIERS PLEASE. I need OCs to be active with the story... slowness does NOT have to do with how active you are, it just means that you're busy with life. And yes, I know I don't have much entries in my journal to comment on, but at least PROVE to me that you're active! 

this post will close once I have at least 2 applications for each role.
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update for Part 11 of my first fanfic, Newbie. Sorry, it's really short.  Newbie Part 11 update~ )
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Sorry chapter 3 is so short (and everything, for that matter, but I guess it's the style of this story)


                As the boys reached the destination, they were stunned. How come no one is here? All of them wondered.


Chapter 3 )


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My first Fanfic! Hope you like it! Comment if there is something wrong with the links! Hope you like it
This was initially know as Newbie

Sayuko got asked to join johnny's. she joins, thus becoming the first female to be in Johnny's. How will the rest of the people in the company react? How will Sayuko's life be changed? Will love develop in the midst of the new addition?

Here are the links for the chapters! Hope you enjoy!


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26 
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Okay, I totally changed the time in this part. Sorry about that. Now, the time is mid-December 2003. Sorry about the sudden change. *goes to edit her post*
You find out why I had to post yesterday...but you kinda have to think. (*Hint: Date. The story takes place in December...it's December right now in real life...)
Is my bias starting to show?

Things to know about Sayuko: She can learn all songs for 6-12 months by running through the whole thing 3 times, can learn all dances for 3 months by running through the whole thing 5 times. During this time (3mo/6-12mo) she does not hear or see any part of the song or dance in any way, shape, or form.

How did Sayuko do at the audition? actually this will have to be your own opinion because Johnny-san doesn't tell anyone how anybody did on their audition. people just assume they're good cause they're in the jimusho... Which boy does Kayla like? What is Sayuko's special ability? haha, you don't even need to read the story to find out. it's in the first spoiler.. Why don't the boys believe Sayuko? What does she think about the jimusho? Okay, enough questions... read to find out! Ahh, where and how does Sayuko prove her special ability?
Part 3 )
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the catch: I will only be posting the upcoming part of my story if and when at least one person requests it. So if no one comments, there will be no next part...at least not on LJ. This is because I see no point in posting a story online if no one reads it, since I write it in a document anyway. This applies to all my fanfics in the future. ON THAT NOTE...

Under the appreciation and request of the first reader/commenter of this story, [livejournal.com profile] xkisekix (thank you), I am posting the second part to it. You will see why I posted this part today in an upcoming part of the story.

Summary: You see Sayuko's haunting dream and how her party plans are all altered to accommodate the schedule of her whimsical idol-soon-to-be schedule.
Part 2 )

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will continue if anyone wants me to...
Title: Newbie
Author: swimmer_chen
Cast: Hikaru, Yuto, Yabu, Taiyo, Shoon, Johnny-san, Kame
Disclaimer: I don't own anything...just the ideas.
Summary: It is mid-December 2003. I headed toward my interview that eventually gets me into Johnny's Jimusho. I went to Japan to film for 3 nen B gumi Kinpachi Sensei 7 wtih Yax3. I got a letter from Johnny-san about it...My friend Kayla eagerly joins me for the interview.
Further Note: Not all the members have been introduced... only Yuto and Johnny-san are officially introduced into the story.
Part 1 )


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