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I know, I know, I can't resist.
Consider it my hiatus post for the week >.<
(and I promise Hana Kimi will be updated at least once within the next week)
I give to thee, part 19 xD The pretty boys grew up xDDD *tear*
and you know how much I love comments xDDD


Part 19 )

A/N: [IMPORTANT AND NOT A SPOILER] Since I've already written the next part, I should tell you. This is what you need to know (will also be posted again when the time comes): I've decided to include something called "One time only - into [character]'s thoughts-" where readers can see what's going on inside the character's thoughts. This will be included from time to time; I hope this will help you understand why the characters do what they do more. I have only one disclaimer: I wanted it to be special, thus the "one time only" thing. However, I realized I might have more of these moments for some characters, so I've decided to keep the section name and just have this from time to time. Gomen ne, so confusing - guess that's how I am. >.< Also, whoever's thoughts we're going into, that's who will be narrating in the section; everything will be in first person.


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