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ok Part 7. I'm not going to link for awhile anymore. I'll just link to previous chapters every few updates ne.
Please read, as if I get comments, the next update (probably end of the week) COULD be...........HANA KIMI.........when i finish writing it lol


Part 7 )

read to find out xD
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Prologue and Chapter 1//Chapter 2 and 3//Chapter 4 and 5//Chapter 6

Chapter 7:

                “Ne, Daijoubu?”

                Hikaru opened his eyes to find the gymnast whose life he had taken away. He shook his head, No, I’m not okay. I’ll never be okay until you start gymnastics again

                “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt?” She kept asking.

                “Kokoro. My heart aches at the thought of killing a gymnast’s career”

                Sayuri looked away.

                “Ne. Why aren’t you doing gymnastics anymore?”


                After awhile, Sayuri whispered, “I-I…..I hate. Gymnastics” Hikaru looked over at her. Sayuri was looking down with tears in her eyes.

                “Uso. Demo, what would make you start liking it?”

                “I’m afraid….” Sayuri broke off. She couldn’t take it anymore.

                “Mou iiyo. Just do whatever you like then!” Hikaru hobbled out of the nurse’s office, leaving Sayuri to cry.


                <That night, in the room>

                “Sayu-chan, gomen ne. About earlier, I just feel guilty you’re not doing gymnastics anymore”

                “Eh? Why would you feel guilty? Moshi kashite, you’re Hikaru-kun from America?”

                There was silence as Hikaru tried to think of what to say.

                “Well, are you? You’re really weird, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were”

                “Hah? What does me being weird have to do with my gender?
                “Well, let’s see, the fact that you have unbelievable strength for a girl, that Chinen-kun denied you being Yaotome-“

                Hikaru laughed nervously, “Chigee yo! My best friend has the same name as me, okay? We live in America together” Hikaru lied.

                “Whatever, oyasuminasai” Sayuri closed her eyes and soon fell asleep.

                Hikaru sighed. That was close.


                <The next day>

                Although it had been a week, Aya still did not forgive Hikaru about hogging Chinen, no matter how many times Mai explained the reason to her. She sought to revenge whenever possible, but so far her revenge has not been successful, and she’s determined to make it so.

                Today was a good day for revenge. After school, Aya has to clean the classroom with Hikaru-kun.


                Hikaru picked up the broom while Aya held a dirty towel to be washed by the water in the pail by Hikaru’s feet. Because he was not paying attention, Aya took the chance to trip. She screamed as she fell on the ground by tripping over Hikaru’s foot. Then, Hikaru came back to the present. When Aya started to cry and Hikaru extended his arm out to help her up. Aya took the hand, stood up and pushed Hikaru over. Hard.

                “Iteee~” Hikaru winced as the pain shot through his head from the hard fall.

                “Ah, you’ve got a strong personality so you’re okay, right? Un, oh yeah, Chinen-sama asked me to meet him at the park so you clean up the rest, ne. Yoroshiku.” Aya snickered and felt accomplished at her revenge.

                Mai, walking past the classroom, saw Aya leaving happily, so she knew something was wrong. She sprinted past Aya, knocking her shoulder out of the way, making Aya infuriated once more.

                “Watch where you’re going, Mai!” Aya yelled, afraid she’ll tell Chinen that it was she who was bullying Hikaru.

                “Hika-chan, daijoubu?” Mai asked kneeling down next to him. “Who did this to you?” not at all suspecting her best friend.

                “Un, daijoubu” Hikaru forced a smile. Then, everything blacked out.


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