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Title: WANTED! GIRLFRIEND - Chapter 16
Authors: ayakanishi and swimmer_chen
Starring: HSJ and OC's
Rating: PG-13
Genre: friendship, love, romance
Disclaimer: i only own the plot
Author’s Notes: this is a collab fic between ayakanishi and swimmer_chen
Summary: JUMP the most popular boy band in japan and probably even in the whole world. Girls all over the world are dying to see, touch and talk to them. Suddenly the group decided to search for the girl that they will love, but how will they find them?



Yamashita Sayuri...promise me )


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What? Shoon's rival???

Part 16

            I showed up at the jimusho the next day, to everyone’s delight.

            “Ne, Shingo-kun, Johnny-san wants you to be in Shokura again. He also said that you have to be on Ya-Ya-yah show regularly now.” someone informed me, “Oh, and you have to do a three-way otegami wo kakemashou with Hika-chan and Shoon-kun. That’s it for now”

            I froze, What? What’s a three-way otegami wo kakemashou? What’s that? I started to hate the jimusho again. Kame came up to me, “What’s up, Sayu-chan?” I looked back at him and didn’t reply.

            “She has to be on Shokura, be on the Ya-Ya-yah show regularly, and do a three-way otegami wo kakemashou with me and Hika-chan” Shoon explained. “She just got dumped with a ton of stuff she has to do, meaning…”


Part 16 )


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