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So I heard the earthquake and tsunami in Japan not only affects Japan but also Taiwan, California coast, and other countries as well. Hope all is well. 

What came to me as a real shock was that Suga (a friend) went on a vacation to Iwate and hasn't been found since. No one can contact him.. I'm literally shocked to the point where I have a headache. And now that I think about it, I think I'm pretty pathetic. It's not even me who's in Japan, and I'm freaked out to this point?! Maybe it's instinct?! 

Anyway, hope he'll be found. And everyone else. 

Hope that our boys are also safe and will suffer no more injuries. Sorry, but this is all I can do. I'm panicking over the safety of family and friends in Taiwan and Japan, and also my favorite Yamashita Shoon and Reon. 

Please call someone so we know that you're safe!! 
We're all really worried about you!!! 
Please don't die!! 
We love you!!
<3 friends and family from Japan and America
edit: Suga was actually at a driving school.. Someone got a hold of his parents and we now know that he was safely evacuated. 
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Ruka is making a JE index for me at both my journals.
Rhea is making the layout for me at both my journals.
Am I lucky or WHAT xDDDDDDDDd

thanks guyyys xD
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I've made a new journal account. Reasons I want to keep to myself, but I guess a way to put it is that I want to make real friends on LJ. Will start by PMing to some people
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my eyes are open, yet i'm spazzing.
staying up late trying to do foods homework [who the hell invented a project for foods class? we cook, not do projects. it's supposed to be an elective that's fun, not a stupid class] yet can't resist the livejournal temptation.

should be starting to get ideas on how to continue chapter 6, and further on, but 1. finals, 2 a billion projects due in such a short time, 3. i'm stuck. 4. i don't think asking the OCs to think of things to write for this story is right to call my own. Just, think it'd be more fun if everyone contributed to the story more or less.

started another OC call for my new fanfic, but people are responding a lot slower since school started, preventing them to be on LJ 24/7. Not their fault, it's the person who created homework's fault.
hopefully, there's going to be a lot of people who want to be OCs still and that they haven't gotten bored of OC stories... hopefully people will read my fanfics, instead of just "OH I WANNA BE OC FOR THIS PRETTY BOY!"


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