February 10th, 2010

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haha, I said one post a day this week didn't I? Guess this is me breaking my promise once again. This story I enjoy too much. *works on Hana Kimi in hopes of being able to update it next*


part 21 )

A/N: OMG, this was so long, I didn't know where to cut it, but I guess I just did. Hope you enjoyed it~ Doesnt it make your heart beat faster cause of all the "secrecy" and chasing and wondering if the characters made it past the oni? No? Well, I guess I failed then, but even so, I have an idea about making a scene with Keith as an oni chasing his own sister. It should be fun. But i gotta work on Hana Kimi first. >.<
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I didn't know what to title this post. Hiatus isn't the right word. I won't be on hiatus, not really. But, I might be on a hiatus on posting my fanfics until something like this is seen: "YATTAAA~ SHOON ISNT GOING TO LEAVE JE!!!! XDDD"

GOMEN!~ I had wanted to update Hana Kimi by the end of this week; i PROMISED. Demo, hontou ni gomen! With the recent news about my ichiban quitting and what not, I'm not in the right mood. I don't want to make Hana Kimi worse than it already is. >.< Although I tried so hard to make it a good story, seems like I'm trying too hard, thus making it really bad? 

SORRY, with this in mind, I really can't think of any ideas. Not even for Newbie, which is a whole lot easier to write for me.
*lays on ground flat on my stomach like Keito in apology*


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